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St Blazey & District Snooker League | June 20, 2019

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Treggy clinch the title

Treggy clinch the title

| On 03, Apr 2018

Tregonissey ‘A’ are champions again after beating Pelynt 4-1 to claim the title for third year running.

Wins for Richard Pearson, Jason Simmons, Jason Cocks and Barrie McIntosh did the business with Len Flower getting the better of Martin Knight for the away point.

Bugle ‘A’ claimed second place after beating St Neot 3-2 with four breaks made on the night by Gary Spencer (43), Andrew Best’s 31, Chris Perring’s 32 and Darren Lock’s 31.

Bethel ‘A’ are favourites for third place after a closer than it looks 4-1 win over Mevagissey ‘B’. Mark Gregory’s final frame win leaves them three points ahead of their ‘D’ team and now sit back and wait to see how their club mates got on in their final match at Bugle ‘B’ last night to decide the relegation issue.

Mevagissey ‘D’ slipped up at home losing 3-2 to basement boys Tregonissey ‘B’ for whom Simon Garrington, Phil Hooley and Andrew Gooch with a 34 got the win with Rich Lakeman and Mark Ashton replying.

Chris Morford’s win over Matt Mills saw St Blazey claim the Runabout Shield at Mevagissey ‘A’ which they have to defend against the champions to keep hold of it.

James Popplewell and Paul Williams took Meva’s points with Mickey Meares, Liam Reynold and Morford sealing the win.

Mevaggisey ‘C’ went into last night’s final game against Bugle ‘C’ needing four points to take the Rees League title from Bethel ‘C’, who from their two games last week picked up seven points.

They beat Gorran 3-2 on Tuesday with wins for Howard Brett, Leigh Rosevear an Roger Smithson with Lee McKinstry and Rob Bunney’s respot black win over Ben Stunnell replying for the home side.
Also on Wednesday in a re-arranged game beat Tregonissey ‘C’ 4-1 to finish their season unless a play-off is needed. Alan Meades beat Howard Brett for Treggy’s point with wins for Stunnell, Smithson, Crockford and Rosevear, who knocked in a 33 break, took the away points.

Kevin Spencer and Mo Roscorla put Bugle ‘C’ 2-0 up at home to Bethel ‘D’ who responded with victories for Jason Pascoe and Gavin Dyche to level things up leaving Roy Bayliss’s respot black win over Ross McMenemy to decide the result.

Lerryn took the Runabout Shield home after beating Lostwithiel. Darren Biggen and Terry Nicholls took the home victories with John Hancock, Matt Woodward and Graham Hoskin securing the away win.

Stacey Hancock got Treggy ‘C’ off to a great start at St Stephen beating Rob Garside but two blackball wins for Dan Parmenter and Anthony Harrison, along with wins for Anthony Garside and Adrian Bowyer got St Stephen a 4-1 win.

Full Results

Victory League: Mevagissey ‘A’ 2 (J Popplewell, P Williams) St Blazey 3 (M Meares, L Reynolds, C Morford), Bugle ‘A’ 3 (P Sturtridge, G Spencer (43), A Best (31)) St Neot 2 (C Perring (32), D Lock (31)), Tregonissey ‘A’ 4 (R Pearson, J Simmons, J Cocks, B McIntosh) Pelynt 1 (L Flower), Bethel ‘A’ 4 (M Green, A Peers, L Collard, G Stephens) Mevagissey ‘B’ 1 (M Gregory), Mevagissey ‘D’ 2 (R Lakeman, M Ashton) Tregonissey ‘B’ 3 (S Garrington, P Hooley, A Gooch (34)).

Rees Memorial League:Gorran 2 (L McKinstry, R Bunney) Bethel ‘C’ 3 (H Brett, L Rosevear, R Smithon), Bugle ‘C’ 3 (K Spencer, M Roscorla, R Bayliss) Bethel ‘D’ 2 (J Pearce, G Dyche), Lostwithiel 2 (D Biggen, T Nicholls) Lerryn 3 (J Hancock, M Woodward, G Hoskin), St Stephen 4 (D Parmenter, A Harrison, A Garside, A Bowyer) Tregonissey ‘C’ 1 (S Hancock), Tregonissey ‘C’ 1 (A Meades) Bethel ‘C’ 4 (B Stunnell, R Smithson, C Crockford, L Rosevear (33)).

Top breaks of the week:G Spencer 43, A Best 31, C Perring 32, D Lock 31, A Gooch 34, L Rosevear 33

Additional Information
League Tables

Mevaggisey ‘C’ went into last night’s final game against Bugle ‘C’ needing four points to take the Rees League title from Bethel ‘C’, who from their two games last week picked up seven points.

Images Courtesy of: Richard Pearson

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