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St Blazey & District Snooker League | May 24, 2019

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CUEVIEW - Shaun Murphy Exclusive

CUEVIEW – Shaun Murphy Exclusive

| On 17, Oct 2012

We were lucky enough to catch up with Shaun Murphy last week as he agreed spend a some time away from his busy schedule to do an exclusive CueView interview with us.

At the time of this interview Shaun is busy preparing to go to China for the new International Open, so it was extra good of him to make the time to speak with us and answer our questions.

STBS – What is your full name please
SM – My full name is Shaun Peter Murphy

STBS – Your Current Club/base
SM – Currently moving clubs. I’ve played at Sale cons for 4 years now but will soon start playing at Urmston cons. It’s a very similar club just a little bigger and with a few more tables.

STBS – Your Highest Break (if 147 how many)
SM – My highest break is 147. I’ve had two in tournament play but none on tv, so thats definitely something i’d like to change in the future.

STBSAre you Left/Right Handed or both
SM – I’m right handed but can play a little left handed too. My highest break left handed is 136 but that was a few years ago. I don’t really like to do it in a match as i quite like using the rest.

“For me the most memorable game i’ve seen was the final of the B & H Masters when Paul Hunter came from way behind to beat Fergal O’brien. I was there live and the atmosphere was unreal.”

Shaun Murphy

Photo Copyright: Action Images

STBS – Bio about yourself (in no more than 200 words)
SM – A bit about myself, I’m now 30 and don’t know where my 20’s went. i’m pleased with what i’ve achieved in snooker so far but would like to add some more titles before hanging my cue up in 15 or so years ( maybe ) Away from snooker i play and watch a lot of golf and currently play off a 5 handicap. I’m really into music and play the piano a little bit but not much.

STBS – What was your first ever memory of snooker?
SM – My first snooker memory is of a table in a hotel in Blackpool we stayed in when i was about 7. I wasn’t allowed in the snooker room but wanted to watch the game my Dad and brother were playing so i snuck in. But every time the manager looked in i had to hide under the table!

STBS – At what age did you start playing snooker and why?
SM – I started playing by fluke aged 8 at christmas. I’d asked for a commodore 64 computer for christmas but my parents un able to afford one bought me a little snooker table from toys r us and that was it, i was hooked.

STBS – What has been your greatest achievement in snooker?
SM – Obviously winning the world championship in ’05 is top of my list but winning the uk in ’08 to prove i wasn’t a one trick pony was very important too.

STBS – Who is the most famous professional player you have played or met? (can be modern or older era)
SM – I remember meeting John Spencer straight after winning the World title. He was the first person to knock on my dressing room door to say well done and that always stuck with me. Ray Reardon has helped me a lot too but for me the best and most professional would be Steve Davis.

STBS – Who is your favourite TV commentator?
SM – I really like it when Steve Davis commentates as i think he brings a more up to date insight of someone who’s seen it all and done it, and still plays so understands modern playing conditions which are completely different to those of the 80’s

Shaun Murphy

Photo Copyright: Günter Leitenbauer

STBS – What is your Favourite professional player and why?
SM – Again it would have to be Steve Davis. I think he’s the best of all time and still gives anyone a run for their money.

STBS – What has been the most memorable snooker match you have ever seen?
SM – For me the most memorable game i’ve seen was the final of the B & H Masters when Paul Hunter came from way behind to beat Fergal O’brien. I was there live and the atmosphere was unreal.

STBS – Do you have any snooker ambitions you still have not achieved?
SM – When i started out in snooker i had three goals. World champion, world number 1 and to buy a mercedes. So far i’ve achieved two out of three. Im still chasing the world number 1 bit though.

STBS – Who is your bogey player?
SM – Bogey players are hard to name these days because we all play each other so often but historically i always had a problem playing matthew couch back in the day. I’m not sure why but he always seemed to get the better of me.

STBS – Funniest moment in your snooker experience?
SM – I remember a match at the qualifiers in Prestatyn years ago. I’d snookered my opponent ( who i cant name ) and as he bent down to look at the swerve he broke wind so loudly we all had to stop playing for laughter. It was some 10 or 15 mins later when we were able to start again.

STBS – Who is the most under-rated player in professional snooker?
SM – A really tough question to answer as i think since the introduction of the PTC’s the general standard of snooker on tour has gone through the roof.

Thank you Shaun for taking the time to speak to us, good luck next week in China, we will be watching and wish you all the best for the rest of the season and the future.

What a gent

Images Courtesy of: Action Images & Günter Leitenbauer

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