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St Blazey & District Snooker League | March 18, 2019

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Team & Player profiles to feature ever week

Team & Player profiles to feature ever week

Each week or when they become available from players we will be featuring our exclusive CUEVIEW interviews.

We have been very lucky so far to have several exclusives from professional snooker players, but the main idea behind CUEVIEW was to get as many players from the Victory & Rees Leagues to fill them in with as much detail as possible, so far we have had a good uptake especially as we are only into week 4 (writing this).

Richard Pearson has been going round every week with his camera equipment taking photos of players, clubs and general action not only for the website but also for team profiles and individual profiles.

We hope you enjoy reading them as they become available and it will also give you all an insight to the player and person who you might just come up against during the season.
Images Courtesy of: Richard Pearson

If for some reason you haven’t been able to fill one of our CUEVIEW’s in then you can also do so by filling in the electronic version below.

CueView Submission Form

Please fill this in with as much detail as you possibly can, if you have a photo of yourself that you would also like to submit then please email it to us at

What is your full name please

Your email address

Your Current Club/base

Your Highest Break

Are you Left/Right Handed or both

Bio about yourself (in no more than 200 words)

What was your first ever memory of snooker?

At what age did you start playing snooker and why?

What has been your greatest achievement in snooker?

Who is the most famous professional player you have played or met? (can be modern or older era)

Who is your favourite TV commentator?

Who is your favourite professional player and why?

What has been the most memorable snooker match you have ever seen or been a part of?

Who is the best player in (professional snooker) or in the league?

Who is the most under-rated player in (professional snooker) or in the league?

Funniest moment in your snooker experience?

Who is your bogey player?

Do you have any snooker ambitions you still have not achieved?


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